Wrocław - PL

Together with more than 70 artists from all over the world, mammasONica presents its animation in the public houses of the historical suburb of Odrza ński. As part of Kinomural , an event that from combining audio-visual art with the urban tissue, transform the night city into an enormous screening room.
For one night the buildings come to life after dusk and whose side walls change into moving murals.

Opening into a blank wall, as an idea or image changes its context depending on the spectator, the act of seeing carves subjectivities towards any multidimensional construction. The visual intersects into a liquid mural emerging as a fictional plot. All through its relations to vertical cinema, it pays homage to poster graphics, street art and murals.

All this appears by virtue of a vertical shift on the layout, which brings the paradigm of public space to life: a sensory cinema expands onto a new axis, changing the prospecting of an art form behind its formal edges, beyond the ephemeral. In the glow of transparency, the dialogue between the design and the space crosses every hybrid simulation, goes beyond the medium and the technique, interrogates the space, the viewer, the author.


Art Director - Animation | Luca Pulvirenti
Animation | Cristina Santangelo
Soundtrack | Giancarlo Trimarchi