Hands of Time

Swiss National Museum | Zurich (CH)


An emotional adventure, a plot in chapters in the search of inner courage towards any creative contend for freedom. Character’s acting and narration interact with the audience, for a total immersive experience. The audience is challenged into the unfolding narration, following fascinating characters into amazing places. A journey to discover our inner forces of creativity; a fascinating and dreamy exploration, from perception towards sensations following the path of our own imagination.

The story is a journey into the phases of life, from birth to adulthood , celebrating the circle of life for a mysterious and positive message. The essence of intuition loops back to the origin of creation, as in an eternal nirvana, replacing the edge between the end and the beginning. A successful combination of aural storytelling with optical pictography; shapes and motifs evolve into imaginative landscapes opening to a bright and tuneful visual experience.


Art Director  | Luca Pulvirenti
Assistant Producer | Cristina Santangelo
Soundtrack | Giancarlo Trimarchi