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IMapp Bucharest '17  winner selection
Palace of Parliament
Bucharest - RO


Art Direction / Animation – Luca Pulvirenti 

Animation - Luigi Mignemi, Cristina Santangelo 

Stopmotion Animation - Giuseppe Cacciola, Michela Giuffrida 

Soundtrack - Giancarlo Trimarchi 

An adventure in the forces of nature: an ever-moving energy from the inner deep silence.

Cyclical concept of existence in the myth of creation, through the limits of the rational mind, towards the heights of cosmogony.

An energetic becoming, from the definition of matter, to the crest of possibilities. 

Vertical shifts trespassing the horizon, diving in the the spatial and conceptual complexity of the boundary, flying over the fluctuant meditation, traversing the imagination.

Matter and antimatter, light and darkness, hyperbolic fractals and invisible quantic forces: all hyper-objects of a dark ecology.

The natural properties of light are vividly captured in their instinctive becoming, and so reprojected, thus defining the primal structural characteristics of homography.

The essence of intuition loops back to the origin of creation, as in an eternal nirvana, replacing the edge between the end and the beginning.