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New Years Eve '18
Romisch - Germanisches Museum & Dom–Hotel 
Roncalli Platz • Cologne - DE


Art Direction / Animation • Luca Pulvirenti 

Animation • Cristina Santangelo - Giuseppe Grado

3D Animation • Giuseppe Cacciola

Stopmotion Animation • Michela Giuffrida


Project manager •  Ingo Dietzel  -  Panirama (DE)

Silvester in Köln

A spectacular light art installation and mapping projections performed for the cultural program "Wish and Change" at Roncalliplatz and Romisch - Germanisches Museum's and the Dom–Hotel's facades during the New Year's Eve night.

Through a journey in time from past to a new day, where change, development and progress are the essential ways to wish and celebrate the new Year.

Light art and choral music, as a consciously set sign that Cologne stands for a peaceful and cheerful coexistence in living together in the city.