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Anna Amalia Bibliothek
Winner Genius Loci Weimar Competition 2014
Platz der Demokratie - Weimar - August '14 


Art Director •  Luca Pulvirenti - Videomapping - Animation - Generative Coding

First Animator • Luigi Mignemi

Assistant producer • Cristina Santangelo

3d Animation • Giuseppe Cacciola

Stop Motion Animation • Michela Giuffrida– Lucia Candida Curione 

Photography • Giovanni Narcisi 

Soundtrack • Giancarlo Trimarchi

Traditional 2d animation & stop motion techniques are here merged with interactive and generative coding: a tale of physicality in code to create a unique immersive experience.

This hybrid timing is the main subject of our work: a frame-by-frame motion, an innovative craft board augmenting the role of traditional techniques applied to the digital approach towards an original development of a live cinematic narrative.

Techniques, craft and materials usually involved in tra-digital stop motion, are here applied to contemporary reprojection methods: handcrafted abilities work as background for Computational art.

We are currently developing the sonic concept of “shared perception” (Chion 1990) into the imaged resolution of a “non place” (Marc Augé 1995):
by overlapping individual visualization on a common (parallax) virtual (ghost) surface (liminal) we are creating a “suspended” playground.

We strongly acknowledge video mapping as an expanding reprojection of cinematic depiction.

To paid reverence to the Genius Loci’s essence in this work we also implemented anaglyph projection techniques.