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Live soundtrack and cinematic performance
Zo - Centro Culture Contemporanee


Live  soundrtrack • Davide Oliveri

Art Direction / Animation / live video performance – Luca Pulvirenti 

Animation • Luigi Mignemi, Cristina Santangelo 

Stopmotion Animation • Michela Giuffrida 

Sound design • Riccardo Samperi 

An emotional archive of borrowed memories drives a screenplay from datas. 

The sonic vibration weaves the landscape of a suspended soul, a melancholic refraction of memory: 

the soundtrack for the ever seen movie, from behind the 'veil' of loudspeakers. 

Maia is an hybrid production that depicts the illusion of our animated existence in an epic synthesis of our time, exploring the immersive impact of sound technologies and image as an archetype. 

The vibration of a remote memory, the plot of the landscape of a soul suspended in the paradigms of emotion, in a nostalgic advancement, where the musical performance marks the flow of a cinematic timing. A story within the stories, an archive of protagonists, the flow of thoughts embedded in the emotional hypertext.