Wadi Namar Waterfall -Riyadh | RHU


you { promised: me; } : poƏms , selected artwork at Noor Riyadh festival, biggest ever open air galler , shining live on the monumental waterfalls of Wadi Namar and featuring an hypnotic soundtrack by Giancarlo Trimarchi.

The universal language of patterns narrated through an omnipresent mean of expression, light.

Poems opens the cinematic space towards a universal ubiquity, through the dramatic use of projected light combined with generative filmmaking , thus augmenting the purest idea of cinematography ( from kìnema "movement" and γράφειν, gràphein "to write”) into a luminous sculpture.

The result is a colossal photogenic entity, which carves new plasticity out of the stone and release its hidden kineticism. Higher dimensions far beyond the threshold of reason moves in between contrasts, similitudes, diffractions, convergences: every chapter evolves in form of data poems, time renders liquid into a visual strata as fluxus.

An ancient future for a journey where electric canvas embodied within the white stones, neon glazes fuse with ancient patterns, video projections enhanced by volumetric beams.


Art Director - Animation | Luca Pulvirenti
Assistant Producer | Cristina Santangelo
Soundtrack | Giancarlo Trimarchi