Žilina Žije Svetlom Festival | SK

“An immersive experience exploring the vibration of colour theories
all through the dimensions of time and space, from Consciousness to Conscience”.

Stereorama is a site specific installation where the vibrations of colour and sound convey into a vivid dialogue between the virtual space and the perceivable environment.
From additive model to subtractive mixing, coloured lights sources are captured into digital pigments; both light and paint aim to the scape as a stratification of knowledge and culture. All through colour theories, the perceptual experience depicts the panoptic realm from the individual to the collective. Vibrations and colours in motion become a travelling composition, all-through the dimensions of time and space, from Consciousness to Conscience.

It does recall the audience to an absolute sensorial and emotional involvement, where relationship are filtered through perceptions of colours; as primal it explores the field of phenomenology, therefore the surrounding of experiential space thus allowing to grasp both the inner aspect and that exterior of the object. Stereorama opens the void towards “visual thinking”: a gameplay of balance in between the frames of residual images, a circular plot made of afterimages. A simple but effective setup that reads and enhances the space, not the opposite.


Art Director - Animator | Luca Pulvirenti
Animators | Luigi Mignemi - Cristina Santangelo