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mammasONica  ft.  weltraumgrafik

Light Move Festival - Lodz PL
Piotrowska 76


Art Direction / Animation – Luca Pulvirenti 

Animation - Phil Max Schöll, Luigi Mignemi, Cristina Santangelo 

Additional Animation - Serena Pantaleo 

Soundtrack - Giancarlo Trimarchi - “Turtle's view”

Willing to rediscover the quixotic energies of the past, within the media dialogue,
TECHSTURA want to shape the illusion, address the viewer and represent the space of avant-garde's aesthetic.
The project aims to be a unique immersive experience envisioning the creative relation with reality and its representations, the arts and the artist in the essence;
focusing attention on the ways in which architecture and monuments reflect the history of arts and the collective memory.