The Green Busters

Marktnische Essen | Essen (DE)

The Green Busters, winner of the REMONDIS Light Award 2021, as tra-digital animation stands for a sustainable approach to everyday things in life.

mammasONica and the fantastic kids from the Christophorusschule in Essen-Kray joined forces to bring out the inner soul of wastes, breeding a new life to garbage and leftovers: bang, swing and melody, a musical journey into magnetic creations, following our fascinating characters into a synaesthetic voyage to a better and greener place.

Through simple curiosity and vivid imagination a workshop turned into animated frames, a participatory project into a public installation on the facade of the Marktnische Essen.


Art Director  | Luca Pulvirenti
Animator | Cristina Santangelo - Fabiola Spatola
Soundtrack | Jazzy Frenchy