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Winner Genius Loci Weimar Competition '15
Atrium Weimar 


Art Director • Luca Pulvirenti

Assistant director • Luigi Mignemi

Animation • Luigi Mignemi - Vito Pirrello - Luca Pulvirenti - Cristina Santangelo - Jakub Szczesniak

Stop Motion Animation • Michela Giuffrida

3d Animation • Giuseppe Cacciola

Additional Animation • Viviana Caccamo - Giuseppe Grado - Marco Locati - Walter Scafidi

Photography • Giovanni Narcisi

Production Assistant • Viviana Caccamo

Soundtrack • Giancarlo Trimarchi

Genius Loci Weimar - Atrium ’15

Festival Manager • Hendrik Wendler 

General Production • Franziska Schnauß 

On site Video production • Ingo Dietzel - Martin Leber

Organisation • Nathalie Wendel

Audio documentary

commentary • Mrs. Dr. Elisabeth Fischer - Dr. Helga Raschke - Kurt Raschke

translation • Ilaria De Nuzzo - Franziska Schnauß

“…..It lays in the city of turning life where, behind and beyond 

those lines, it’s all about the people."

The city of turning life – is a science-fiction tale, a pictorial vision of dark historic moments and manipulative power of ideologic symbols.

Through research into the nature of ideological symbolism and by exploring its manipulative power arises a fictional scenario of a society at the edge of a precipice. In the course of time it is revealed how concrete manifestations of terror are really only the surface of a sign system that takes advantage of the deepest structures of the human soul, attempting to stop any individual living action.

The myth is resolved with an extra-ordinary epilogue, elevating the human awareness of present as an indispensable code opposing any totalitarianism, dictatorship and oppression.