Winner Genius Loci Weimar Competition '15
Atrium Weimar - Weimar (DE) 

…..It lays in the city of turning life where, behind and beyond
those lines, it’s all about the people.

– the city of turning life – Zoetropolis is a science-fiction tale, a pictorial vision of dark historic moments and manipulative power of ideologic symbols. Through research into the nature of ideological symbolism and by exploring its manipulative power arises a fictional scenario of a society at the edge of a precipice. In the course of time it is revealed how concrete manifestations of terror are really only the surface of a sign system that takes advantage of the deepest structures of the human soul, attempting to stop any individual living action. The myth is resolved with an extra-ordinary epilogue, elevating the human awareness of present as an indispensable code opposing any totalitarianism, dictatorship and oppression.

Zoetropolis is a narrative journey that shift the audience’s sense of materiality and moves towards the importance of daily gestures and rituals, mapping a positive identity that define both the individual and the people. The project aims to be a unique immersive experience envisioning the future of cinematic storytelling: both the monument and the denied landscape become theatre of a human odyssey, relentlessly stroked by montage. The Atrium formation and the great open space offered indeed a great opportunity to explore kinetic techniques for the expanding cinematography, investigating the authentic notion of movement extended into public social space.

Unique music composition from a diffusion scores inspires our storytelling. We establish a full length timeline to organise changes of scenes and narrative. Scenarios are composed on the inner atmospheres depicted by the soundtrack, orchestrated through storyboard and colour script; voice over and sound effect are added to final composition. A full length musical score will be fully composed by our musician Giancarlo Trimarchi (LooZoo, the Dish).


Art Director | Luca Pulvirenti
Assistant Director  - Animator | Luigi Mignemi
Animators |  Vito Pirrello - Cristina Santangelo - Jakub Szczesniak
Stop Motion Animator | Michela Giuffrida
3d Animators | Giuseppe Cacciola
Additional Animation | Viviana Caccamo - Giuseppe Grado - Marco Locati - Walter Scafidi
Photography | Giovanni Narcisi
Production Assistant | Viviana Caccamo
Soundtrack | Giancarlo Trimarchi