Napa lighted art festival 2019
Blue Note – Opera House | Napa Valley – CA

Unlocking the invisible symphony

“Kίnote” explores the visual dimension of music through cinematic abstractions. This prismatic journey is characterised by a blossoming combination of aural storytelling and optical pictography, where the multifaceted geometry of the structure intertwines with the soundtrack.

Presented at the “Napa Lighted Art Festival” in 2019, the projection unfolded as a visual and musical performance at the Blue Note Opera House. As shapes and motifs transform into data patterns, vibrant sequences animate the urban space, unveiling an incessant motion driven by sound. The interplay between design and surface emerges as an extraordinary creation imbued with glowing vitality.

The original architecture of the Opera House is reaffirmed and converted into a dynamic canvas, guided by a synesthetic narrative propelled by kinetic forces. By summoning the invisible extensions of the structure, our intangible cultural values discover a suitable medium through abstract representation. Harmonics and Temperament merge with the chromatic language, bringing forth a multi-sensorial perception of the space.


The metamorphosis of the Blue Note Opera House into an optical soundtrack reflects the concept of polyphony, a musical texture characterized by a harmonious blend of distinct melodies. Embracing polyphonic principles, the Opera House becomes an urban locus amoenus, where unity and diversity are reconciled, and nature’s simplicity merges with the city’s vibrancy.

Revealed through a unique synesthetic experience, the beauty of unity unfolds as the myriad perspectives converge into a singular sound, resonating with the observer and transforming the space. “Kínote” evolves into a complete composition, moving towards polyphonic harmony, akin to a symphony composed of distinct melodies that transcend cultural boundaries.


Art Director – Animation
Production Assistant – Animation

Art Director – Animator Luca Pulvirenti
Production Assistant – Animator Cristina Santangelo
Soundtrack Giancarlo Trimarchi

Luca Pulvirenti
Cristina Santangelo
Giancarlo Trimarchi