immersive luminous experience

the experiencer and the creator
of any own perception: you.

Set in the territory between light and matter, “Lamina” is an immersive tale delving into the invisible stratum that surrounds all things.


To see the fragments that make up the whole, hidden amongst the pixels, requires the capacity to recognize patterns and forge deep connections with others. The essence of “Lamina” is encapsulated by the experience, functioning as an “empathy box” that transforms individual challenges into shared emotions. Humanity is perceived as a unified entity, resonating in harmony with the natural world it inhabits.

In a world where pain is often perceived as an unwelcome companion, the artwork urges us to shift our perspective and seek the hidden allure within our struggles. It serves as a poignant reminder that even amidst the bleakest chapters of our journey, a delicate beauty is waiting to be discovered. Empowered by the abstraction of light, “Lamina” intrepidly links and stirs the cognitive state of its audience, guiding them through a personal and intimate exploration of emotions.

While entirely immersed in this stream of digital scenes and cosmic sounds, the viewer becomes gradually aware of being part of something greater, where the flashing light of every single pixel contains the whole universe.


After engaging with the cityscape, the subsequent chapters of “Lamina” unfolded within immersive spaces, featuring at the MEET | Digital Culture Center in Milan, as part of “Loop City Screen” at Espronceda – Institute of Art & Culture in Barcelona, and at Florence’s Stazione Leopolda during “Bright Festival 2023”. Together, these events formed the “Farnesina Digital Art Experience,” an initiative promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in collaboration with embassies, aimed at showcasing Italian excellence in the digital creative sector.

The projection of “Lamina” within the experiential space elevates the work, intensifying its sensorial aspect and magnifying its monumental nature. Amidst the profound darkness of the immersive room, the surroundings dissolve, fostering deeper interactions between the viewer and the artwork and allowing for an intense dialogue. What was once contemplation of the world transforms into penetration.


Art Director – Animation
Production Assistant – Animation

Art Director – Animator Luca Pulvirenti
Production Assistant – Animator Cristina Santangelo
Soundtrack Giancarlo Trimarchi

Luca Pulvirenti
Cristina Santangelo
Giancarlo Trimarchi