Essen Light Festival 2022

Allbau GmbH – Essen ┬á| De

the power of community and the importance of hands-on learning in the arts

An ensemble of glowing pixels adorns the Allbau headquarters building in Essen, forming a vibrant mosaic wall on its fa├žade. Showcased during the “Essen Light Festival” 2022, “M8saiK” is a participatory project involving 15 advanced art students from the Stoppenberg Episcopal High School. Shapes and colors blend into a dynamic 8-bit pattern, taking the audience on a retro-futuristic ride.

The reference to 8-bit graphics invokes the nostalgic charm of retro video games and early digital art. Yet, besides tapping into the past, this unique installation propels the structure into an exciting future. In the likeness of an arcade video game, the pixelated screen flickers before the viewer’s eyes, enriched by a volumetric voxel. Tradition and progress, past and present, converge, giving life to a cutting-edge aesthetic experience.

As a collective production designed by a diversified crowd, ÔÇťM8saikÔÇŁ holds a special place in the realm of art and creativity, where shared and individual experiences intertwine to shape the outcome. Dynamic and inclusive, this approach highlights the significance of connections between individuals and the community in crafting the larger artistic narrative.


The Allbau headquarters in Essen served several times as the canvas for light installations during the festival. Characterized by modern and rational aesthetics, the building’s architecture offers an optimal backdrop for a lively 8-bit adventure. Smoothly merging its polished geometry with the mapping of “M8saiK,” the fa├žade gradually transforms into a large-scale game board.


Art Director – Artist Workshop Leading
Production Assistant – Tutor – Animation

Tutor – Animation


Art Director –┬áArtist Workshop Leading┬áLuca Pulvirenti
Production Assistant – Animation Cristina Santangelo

Animation Fabiola Spatola

Luminous Pixels┬á–┬áComposed by Jens Kiilstofte

Luca Pulvirenti
Cristina Santangelo
Fabiola Spatola

Luminous Pixels┬á–┬áComposed by Jens Kiilstofte