Senses Sync

immersive luminous experience

a gameplay of balance in between the frames of residual images and a circular plot made of afterimages. Where Simplicity reads and enhances the space, not the opposite.

mammasONica present the unprecedented immersive event that merges two captivating artworks into a singular, transformative experience, a marvelous fusion of color theory and emotional exploration: Stereorama” and “Lamina“, converge to create a mesmerizing journey through the dimensions of time, space, and emotion. This immersive experience invites attendees to delve into the vibration of color theories, exploring the realms from consciousness to conscience.

Into the vibrant realm of “Stereorama,” you find yourself surrounded by a symphony of colors that dance and swirl, painting the world in brilliant hues. It’s more than a visual treat; it’s an experience where every shade tells a story. The digital technology employed by Stereorama brings colored lights to life, creating an atmosphere that dazzles the senses.
Within its colorful landscape, cultural and cognitive dimensions collide, unveiling the hidden significance behind each color. It’s a rich tapestry of meaning woven into the fabric of our collective consciousness. From the warmth of red to the serenity of blue, each color speaks a language that transcends words, inviting audiences on a journey of discovery where every shade reveals a new layer of understanding.

As Stereorama invites you to connect with color on a deeper level, “Lamina” takes the audience on a parallel journey of exploration. “Lamina” it’s a revelation of the unseen layers that envelop our world. In this mesmerizing experience, light and matter dance together, creating a visual spectacle that transcends the boundaries of perception.
Spotting the hidden pieces in the intricate puzzle of “Lamina” becomes a quest for understanding the universe itself. The show encourages audiences to look closer, to see patterns where others see chaos, and to realize that every piece has its place. Life, as depicted in “Lamina,” is a giant puzzle waiting to be deciphered.


Art Director – Animation
Production Assistant – Animation

Art Director – Animator Luca Pulvirenti
Production Assistant – Animator Cristina Santangelo
Soundtrack Giancarlo Trimarchi

Luca Pulvirenti
Cristina Santangelo
Giancarlo Trimarchi