New media installation

"An immersive experience exploring the vibrationĀ of colour theoriesĀ  all through the dimensions of time and space, from Consciousness to Conscience".

Colour vibrations and variations are “Stereorama’s” flamboyant backdrop, an immersive plunge into chromatic perception. The interplay between sound, vision, and the environment envelops the audience in a panoptic experience where colour is the sole mediator. Digital pigments seize coloured light sources, additive models trace subtractive mixing, while culture and knowledge manifest as diverse shades within the same palette.

In the dynamic exploration of colour theory, the audience uncovers internal meanings that resonate with collective frequencies, from consciousness to shared conscience. Within the experiential ambience, the boundaries between virtual and physical space dissolve, contrasts nullify each other, and time loses its linear nature. The relationship between colours and humans evolves reflectively, delicately touching the emotional sphere.

Delving into nothingness, ā€œStereoramaā€ paves the way for visual contemplationā€”a play crafted on the frames of lingering images, a circular narrative where light shapes perception as much as darkness. The installation, rooted in phenomenology, allows observers to perceive both intrinsic and extrinsic qualities of matter through its interaction with the surroundings. A simple yet powerful abstract arrangement interprets and enriches the space, diverging from monochromatic views of reality.


Art Director – Animation
Production Assistant – Animation

Art Director – AnimatorĀ Luca Pulvirenti
Production Assistant – AnimatorĀ Luigi Mignemi, Cristina Santangelo
Soundtrack Giancarlo Trimarchi

Luca Pulvirenti
Luigi Mignemi, Cristina Santangelo
Giancarlo Trimarchi