Piotrowska 76 | Lodz | PL


“ from analog to digital and back to analog: the past is the future."

Within this radiant path, “Techstura” exhumes the visionary creative sparks of the past, weaving them together with contemporary media landscapes.


Fueled by the force of illusion, “Techstura”’s time-travelling narrative guides the viewer on a captivating journey through avant-garde aesthetics and past idealistic trends. It prompts us to ponder the origins of creative depictions of reality, the intricate relationship between the artist and their artwork, and how architecture connects to collective memory and art history.

As the building gets broken down and liquefied by the play of light, its texture transitions through various states of matter. A new architectural language of figurative and abstract symbols materialises on the façade, eventually giving rise to a delightful display of primary pigments.

The narrative, split into seven chapters, draws inspiration from several creative practices, seamlessly transitioning from analogue to digital and vice versa. A comprehensive timeline monitors shifts in scenes and techniques in sync with the overall tempo of the piece. Visual and thematic references are arranged to reinforce a variety of scenarios tied to the timeline, eventually converging into a structure reminiscent of an enhanced “dope sheet.”

mammasONica ft. weltraumgrafik

Phil Max Schöll, also known as welt/raum/grafik, is a Berlin-based motion designer and video artist. This flourishing collaboration is rooted in a shared pursuit of unconventional methods and fresh aesthetics within immersive media.

Phil played a crucial role in shaping and synthesising the leitmotif behind “Techstura”, by distilling the surface into a minimalist shadowplay. Inspired by early 20th-century arts and crafts movements, the opening sequence offers an abstract blend reminiscent of various aesthetic styles. From stained glass’s kaleidoscopic beauty to retro arcade games’ rhythmic motion, the projection embraces a reductionist perspective on space that harmonizes seamlessly with the soundtrack, transforming the entire experience into a choral piece.


Originally conceived as the city’s primary highway, Piotrkowska Street later evolved into a bustling tourist destination and a leisure hub and stands today as Łódź’s main artery and one of Europe’s longest commercial streets. The “cult” status of the location is evident in the eclectic and fanciful Art Nouveau buildings that adorn this multicultural urban landscape.

During the projection of “Techstura”, the enduring structure of the 19th-century building underwent a kinetic transformation. The illusion created by the play of light had the power to rotate the building’s structure, turning it into a luminous maze and smoothly shifting it away from its original perimeter.


Art Director – Animation
Additional animation

Art Director – Animator Luca Pulvirenti
Production Assistant Luigi Mignemi,Cristina Santangelo

Additional Animation Serena Pantaleo
Soundtrack Giancarlo Trimarchi

Luca Pulvirenti
Luigi Mignemi, Cristina Santangelo
Serena Pantaleo
Giancarlo Trimarchi