The Green Busters


MarktkircheĀ Essen | Essen | DE

An hybrid timing as main subject of a frame-by-frame motion, where this "somewhat" jerky style creates a unique signature.

Winner of the REMONDIS Light Award 2021, “The Green Busters” is a participatory project that utilizes animation to promote a sustainable mindset in everyday life.


With the valuable assistance of students from the Christophorus School of Essen, we explored creative ways to breathe new life into discarded items. During the workshop, participants translated their ideas and insights into a stop-motion installation featuring swinging rhythms, whimsical characters, and vibrant atmospheres. The result, presented on the faƧade of the Marktkirche, was a ā€œtradigitalā€ journey toward a better and greener world.

Can garbage find a new purpose? Is it possible to conceive alternative uses for our daily waste? Animation becomes a means to depict recycling as the quintessential creative expression of our era. Worn-out, damaged, and lifeless objects with a distant history are magically granted another opportunity to exist for a fleeting yet precious moment.

participatory project

ā€œStopmotion2Videomappingā€ is a hands-on workshop engaging groups of primary school children in creative activities and innovative crafts. Traditional animation and re-projection technologies turned out to be excellent tools for tapping into the playful imagination of children and crafting distinctive narratives. The workshop also offered valuable insights into addressing critical issues with the kind of gentle illumination that only children can provide.


The Marktkirche, dating back to the 11th century, is the first Protestant church built in downtown Essen. Once the city’s economic, political, and religious hub, it now serves as a regular stop on the ā€œEssen Light Festivalā€ route. As they twirled around the faƧade of the Essen Market Church, the animated puppets from ā€œThe Green Bustersā€ universe blessed the building with the hope for a brighter and more sustainable future.


Art Director – Animation
Production Assistant – Animation



Art Director – Animation Luca Pulvirenti
Production Assistant – Animation Cristina Santangelo
Animation Fabiola Spatola
SoundtrackĀ Jazzy Frenchy

Luca Pulvirenti
Cristina Santangelo
Fabiola Spatola

Jazzy Frenchy